EV Code Signing - set

Are you a software publisher, programmer or a developer who creates a code? Are you making your programs available for download online? Secure your codes, programs and applications with the EV Code Signing Certificate!

  • Integrity
  • Trust and immediate reputation in browsers
  • Elimination of the "Unknown Publisher" message
  • Elimination of the Microsoft SmartScreen filter!


The kit includes a Code Signing Certificate and a 3.5 cryptographic card.

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EV Code Signing

EV Code Signing Certificate is a tool that allows software authors to digitally sign their code/program/application. The certificate meets all Microsoft requirements, including the immediate elimination of the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter warning message. 

By securing your software with a Certum EV Code Signing Certificate, you can protect your products from unauthorized access and theft as well as minimize the risk of warning messages from SmartScreen ® Application Reputation.

With the Certum EV Code Signing Certificate, people downloading and installing applications from the Internet:

  • Will not see warnings about “Unknown Publisher” and “Unsafe Software”.
  • Will gain confidence that the software comes from a trusted source.
  • Will receive a guarantee that the downloaded program is not infected by dangerous viruses.
  • Will not see the Microsoft Smart Screen, which you will effectively eliminate by signing the software.


Warning. As of May 24, 2021, all Code Signing Certificates will only be compatible with the CryptoCertum 3.5 cryptographic card. Please read the information here before purchasing your renewal.

The benefits of the Certum EV Code Signing Certificate:

  • You protect your brand image, your company's reputation, and gain the trust of the users.
  • You enable reliable identification of the software.
  • You are guaranteed with security of your applications.
  • You secure the intellectual property.


It provides digital signing of

  • UNIX/Linux software
  • Adobe AIR
  • Extensions for Firefox and Netscape
  • Java applets
  • Internet applications based on JAVA technology
  • ActiveX components and controls
  • Binary files (.exe)
  • Windows operating system libraries
  • Drivers for Windows 32 and 64 bit systems and those running in Kernel-Mode. Note: From 2021 Microsoft is the only provider for kernel-mode code signatures.
  • It eliminates the occurrence of the SmartScreen® Application Reputation message
  • Data contained in the certificate: Company name.
  • The Certum Standard Code Signing kit includes: reader, cryptographic card, manual.
  • compliant with the X.509 v.3 (RFC5280) standard
  • secured with SHA2 function
  • minimum length of cryptographic keys: RSA/DSA 3072 bit
  • issued by Certumin line with international WebTrustSM/TM standard
  • issued by Certum, whose certificate root is automatically recognized as trusted in all the most popular Internet browsers as well as in all Microsoft products

The verification process and the documents required for purchasing the Certum EV Code Signing Certificate are described on the website Certum.eu. Check here!

The customer has the right to a 30-day trial period for the Code Signing set. In the case the product does not meet the expectations, the customer has the right to exchange the product for another or return it.   In the case of returning/exchanging the Code Signing set, the customer shall be obligated to send back the received product without delay, upon prior contact with the Complaints Team at: reklamacje@certum.pl. The product must be returned to: Zespół Reklamacji Asseco Data Systems SA, ul. Bajeczna 13, 71-838 Szczecin.

In the case the cryptographic card has been personalized (the card has been given a PIN/PUK number), the amount of the refund will be reduced by the current price of the new cryptographic card from the CERTUM offer. In order to make a return, please contact the Asseco Data Systems SA Complaints Team at the following e-mail address: reklamacje@certum.pl

Detailed information about the complaint process is included in Terms & conditions.

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