Purchase conditions

  1. Do I have to register to buy?
    Registration in the store allows you not only to check the history of orders or track their progress. The account is also necessary for activation of some services offered by Certum (among others, activation codes are located there), therefore it is required to register during purchases.
  2. How to my change password?
    In order to change your password instead of logging in to your account choose the 'Forgot Your Password?' option on the logging page. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your current password.
  3. Can I delete my data from the store's database?
    If you would like to request removal of all your data or data concerning a specific product, please visit our website: https://www.daneosobowe.assecods.pl.
  4. How does the process of order execution look like?
    Execution of the accepted order will start immediately after your payment is received. You can follow the progress of execution on your account in the My orders tab. The ordered goods will be delivered via a courier company to the address indicated in the order form and the electronic services (e.g. activation codes or on-line trainings) will be sent to your email address or will be available in your account in the store.
  5. What should I do if I have not received an email message confirming my order?
    If there is no message confirming placement of the order in your e-mail inbox check other folders (Spam, Trash, Archive, Deleted). Spam filters or other inbox rules can place the message in other location. If you still cannot find the message, make sure that the email address specified by you during the registration was correct and that you are checking the correct inbox. The correctly placed order is registered by our system and saved in your orders on your account. If after logging in to the store you do not see the correct order in the My orders tab, the process of placing the order has not been correctly finished and you have to place it again.
  6. Will I receive a proforma invoice?
    For each order with the selected option of bank transfer or online payment a proforma invoice is issued. To download a proforma invoice log in to your account and go to the My orders tab.
  7. When will I receive the VAT invoice?
    The VAT invoice will be issued upon payment for the order, when all goods ordered by you are completed and ready for shipment. The invoice for shipped goods will be included in the package, the invoice for electronic services will be sent to your email address by the end of the month following the month of the payment.
  8. Will it speed up the execution of the order if I send you a transfer confirmation?
    Sending a bank transfer confirmation will not speed up the execution of the order, because the condition for its execution is the reception of the bank transfer by our account.
  9. Will I be informed about a delay or inability to complete my order?
    If the need to extend the time of execution of your order occurs or we are not able to execute it, you will be informed by phone or by email.
  10. Can I introduce changes to my order?
    If you want to introduce changes in the order, please contact our Helpline.
  11. Can I cancel an order?
    If you want to cancel an order, please contact our Helpline.
  12. I made a mistake entering invoice details, how can I correct it?
    • if data concerns the amount or the price - file a complaint,
    • if the incorrect details concern the purchaser - issue a correcting note and send its scan to the following email address reklamacje@certum.pl, or send the original paper file to the address Asseco Data Systems S.A. ul. Królowej Korony Polskiej 21, 70-486 Szczecin.
      A Person conducting business activity with the use of a correcting note can correct the data on the VAT invoice - from a natural person to its sole proprietorship. In order to include correct details in subsequent proforma and VAT invoices, update your address information in the Address Book tab in your account. A copy of the note confirmed by our accounting will be sent back by post or email.
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