Certum Mini Electronic Seal

A small, portable and handy device for attaching a secure electronic seal

  • Period of validity: 1, 2, 3 years
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Certum Mini Electronic Seal

Certum’s qualified electronic seal is the digital equivalent of your corporate seal. It does not contain the data of an individual, but only the data of a legal entity. It allows you to authenticate and maintain the integrity of e-documents. It provides security guarantees, meets all the requirements of European Union law and complies with the eIDAS regulation.

One certificate. Broad application.

The Certum Electronic Seal can be used to mark both official company correspondence and internal documentation in your organization. Thanks to that, you can archive your protected documents.

  • A mini cryptographic card (the size of a mobile phone SIM card - IDPrime 940B)
  • An ACS ACR39T - A1card reader (available only in suites with a card reader)
  • The CERTUM qualified certificate – the only one in Poland that is automatically recognized by ADOBE software as trusted.
  • A qualified time stamp (5,000 pcs/month)

1. Buy

Once you purchase an electronic seal suite, you will receive a parcel with a cryptographic card which must be activated.

2. Activate

You will start the activation in the Certum Panel by selecting fill out the request – the website will guide you through the process step by step.

During activation, the card with the reader does not need to be connected to the computer.

3. Confirm identity

Certificate activation requires proof of identity. The service is provided against payment at a Certum Company Point, Certum Partner Point or at a Notary Public, according to the price list applicable at the location.

4. Submit documents

If you use the services of a Certum Company Point or a Certum Partner, all the formalities will be handled there.
If you use the services of a notary's office to confirm your identity, send the collected documents in traditional (paper) form to our address: Certum, ul. Bajeczna 13,71-838 Szczecin.

5. Install the software

Before you download a qualified electronic seal:

6. Download the certificate

The qualified certificate will be issued within 7 working days after the correct documents have been received by Certum. Qualified signatures will be available for download electronically, you will receive a download link at the email address provided in the documents. The qualified certificate should be installed on the Certum card.
Remember to connect the reader with the card to the computer before starting the certificate installation.

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