Renewal of an electronic signature on a Certum card

Activation code for renewal of an electronic signature, intended for those who have their own card and reader, and a valid qualified certificate.

Available for a period of 1, 2 or 3 years.

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Renewal of an electronic signature on a Certum card

By purchasing this product you will receive a virtual product available on your account at allowing you to start activating the renewal of your electronic signature.

Renew your certificate from Certum today!  Why is it worth it?

  • validity of certificate renewal for up to 3 years   – a one of a kind offer on the market
  • service ready to activate as soon as the order is paid (you do not wait for the shipment)
  • you will carry the renewal out quickly, online
  • you will receive 5,000 qualified time stamps per month,
  • the e-signature is automatically recognized in Adobe software, and thus in the invoices/contracts in PDF that you sign.


ATTENTION! Renewing an electronic signature on a Certum card does not end with the purchase of a virtual product for renewal. To renew an electronic signature on a Certum card, you must go through the renewal process available in the Certum Panel before your certificate expires.

Find out how the process of certificate renewal works.

The qualified certificate renewal process cannot be carried out in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox below version 69.

The virtual product for the renewal of a qualified certificate is intended for those who own

  • a card and a reader
  • a valid qualified certificate to be renewed.


Note: It is not possible to renew the certificate if:

  • The certificate has expired.
  • You changed your name*
  • You changed your PESEL (Personal Registration Number)*
  • The identifier has changed* – identity document (change from ID card to passport and vice versa)
  • The identifier has changed* – identity document (the one specified in the expiring certificate is no longer valid)
  • NIP (Tax ID), REGON (Registry of National Economy) of the represented entity has changed* – company certificate
  • The certificate is an SHA-1 certificate with a NO or "-" identifier*


If you are experiencing one of the above issues, please contact our hotline for the best solution.

Certum Hotline - + 48 91 4801 300

* – the data contained (shown) in the certificate.

Attention! Renewing a qualified certificate may require replacing the card. Under Certum's processes, the cryptographic card can be replaced automatically during the certificate renewal process or for a fee in other cases.

Replacement of the card for applications for renewals of the certificate, is carried out in the following cases:

  • CryptoCertum 3.0 certificate renewal cryptoCertum 3.0 (no activation possible for 1,2,3 years);
  • Renewal of the certificate for a period of 2 and 3 years on the cryptoCertum 3.2 or cryptoCertum 3.5 card with keys of length 2048 is not possible (no activation possible for 2 and 3 years).

Users with the above-mentioned cards will be given a new card for which the renewed certificate can be installed.

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