Did you know that with just one certificate you can secure your website along with all your subdomains?

All this thanks to versatile as well as convenient Wildcard certificates!

Wildcard SSL certificate allows you to secure your main domain and an unlimited number of subdomains. They are an excellent solution for companies conducting business online, store platforms, news sites, etc., as they allow you to secure multiple subdomains under a single certificate.

Subdomains are additional web addresses that you can create based on your main domain. They are created by adding a part preceding the main domain name. Each main domain can have an almost unlimited number of subdomains.

A subdomain looks as follows:

Standard SSL certificates secure only the main domain. Each additional subdomain also requires security and protection. You can buy a separate certificate for each of them, but with Wildcard certificates you can secure all subdomains in one go. It does not matter if your domain has subdomains at the time of Wildcard certificate installation, or if new subdomains will be created during the period of certificate validity. They will all be automatically covered with protection under one certificate! With Wildcard certificates, you do not have to remember about and pay for each subsequent certificate for your new subdomains, which saves you a lot of money in the long run.



  Standard Wildcard
Ensuring the security
of your website
Eliminating messages about
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Brand building

Wildcard certificates contribute to building trust and positive image for your brand. Leaving subdomains unsecured can be dangerous, which is why it is important to secure them right away. Unsecured subdomains will likely deter your users or customers and negatively affect the reputation of subdomains in browsers.



By securing your main domain with a single Wildcard certificate, you automatically secure your current and future subdomains with a single installation, so you do not have to buy multiple SSL certificates for different subdomains. By purchasing one certificate, you save both time and money.

With one certificate, you gain:

  • Time and money savings
  • Comfortable protection of all future subdomains
  • Trust and credibility


How to buy the Wildcard Certificate?

Choose the right certificate

1.Choose the right certificate

2. In the number of domains field, select the Wildcard option

3. Proceed to order finalization

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